In 2016, ICAO adopted a global market-based measurement scheme to address CO2 emissions for international aviation in order to achieve the carbon neutral-growth from 2020 onwards. The International Aviation Carbon Compensation and Reduction Scheme (CORSIA) was designed to complement other initiatives and achieve this goal. The initiatives include technology and operations. This new scheme poses significant challenges for stakeholders as in airlines and national aviation authorities. Anotec supports these stakeholders involved with the implementation of CORSIA.

Anotec can help airlines define their Emission Monitoring Plan by monitoring fuel consumption and report CO2 emissions, in accordance with CORSIA guidelines. Anotec can also support you in the verification process and in the review of the emission reports required by the state and national authorities. Moreover, in the last phase of the CORSIA implementation cycle, Anotec can assist stakeholders in the process of establishing and complying with compensation requirements.