ANOTEC has performed a wide range of flight tests for noise, for both noise certification and as part of research projects. From single microphone measurements up to flight tests with more than 30 noise stations deployed in complex configurations, we have done it. Thanks to this experience we can offer a high-quality and low-risk solution for all your noise flight test needs.

Our mobile laboratory consists of high-end measurement systems. Our multiple noise stations have been designed for fast field deployment and can be used in microphone grids covering hundreds of meters, without cables. Weather conditions are measured with our quick-mounting 10 meter meteo mast. All ground-based systems are remotely controlled from our Central Ground Station, where we record all data in real time. This allows us to perform a quick-look analysis on the results immediately after each test run.

For noise flight tests it is also required to measure several parameters on-board the aircraft. Our differential GPS system measures aircraft position with decimeter precision. This drives our purpose-built pilot guidance system, with which the requested flightpath can easily be followed. This significantly enhances data quality and minimizes flight test time and cost. Additional systems are at your disposal to measure other parameters as per specific flight test requirements.

For highly specialized flight tests we can provide surface microphones, capable of measuring noise on the fuselage of your aircraft and also a boom-mounted microphone for measurements in undisturbed flow. Simultaneously we can measure the noise inside the aircraft.

Our equipment has been approved by main Authorities for the use in noise certification flight tests.

Flight test 1

Flight test 2

Flight test 3