One of the elements of the ICAO Balanced Approach to Aircraft Noise Management is the use of noise abatement flight procedures. Flight procedures can be designed such that the aircraft noise received on the ground at specific locations is minimized.

Distinction has to be made between the horizontal plane (usually called flight track) and the vertical plane (flight profile). Both are important parts that need to be addressed in their specific manner. ANOTEC has available a variety of tools, many developed in-house, that are capable of optimizing the various segments of a flight procedure for a given case.


Depending on the needs of the project, Computational Aero Acoustics, semi-empirical source noise models or measurement-based noise databases can be used with our single-event noise prediction platform SOPRANO.

We are especially proud of our Helicopter Noise Tool Chain (SARA) with which we are capable of designing low-noise flight procedures for rotorcraft.

Our tools allow for the simultaneous calculation of fuel burn, CO2 and other emissions. In this manner it is possible to address trade-offs between noise and emissions in the design of flight procedures.