Based on our decades of experience in aircraft noise measurements for certification and research projects, we developed our noise and track monitoring system IBANET. IBANET stands for Internet Based Aircraft Noise and Emissions Tool. Its concept was derived from the requirements of airports and surrounding communities who relied on our specialist skills in aircraft noise measurements and analysis to develop an airport noise monitoring tool that really addresses their needs.
Our main objective with IBANET is to make noise monitoring affordable for a wide range of customers. In our view, affordable does not only refer to the cost. It also means that the deployment and operation of the system should not require specialist skills, nor specific infrastructure to be available at the customer. Therefore we offer IBANET as a data service. You subscribe to the IBANET noise monitoring service, we take care of everything else: installation, operation, maintenance and reporting. In the case that you do have in-house resources, IBANET can of course also be implemented in your own environment and operated by your noise specialists.

The IBANET system is at your disposal for short-term to permanent monitoring of noise, emissions and flight tracks. And if IBANET is combined with our additional airport noise consultancy services like noise mapping and elaboration of action plans, we are your true one-stop shop for Airport Noise Management solutions.