Noise impact studies may be needed for different purposes. Noise maps for the past (e.g. to comply with the EU Environmental Noise Directive), the present (“photo” of todays noise climate) or for future situations (e.g. for airport expansion plans) may be required. Whatever the purpose, we can perform your noise impact studies with our worldwide accepted tools. Although noise impact of aviation is usually determined by means of calculations, we also have our IBANET system available to perform measurements, with which the noise maps may be validated, or e.g. actual traffic data can be captured. Noise impact studies are also performed to support the design of noise mitigation measures.

Determination of the noise impact of aviation is much more than running a model with some input. Thorough knowledge of all aspects of modelling the noise impact of aviation (a.o. aircraft performance, flight procedures, air navigation, background noise, noise model limitations) is required to establish high quality noise maps, but also to interpret them to serve the purpose of the study. With our team of aircraft noise and IT experts we have developed our own airport noise models, which gives us a comprehensive insight into the contribution of all these aspects to the final result.