In general, military aircraft do not require an official noise certificate. However, with the growing noise concerns around airports and air bases, information about the noise levels generated during the operation of military aircraft is sometimes required. This was the case for Top Aces Inc. of Canada, which provides air combat training to the German Air Force with its fleet of A4 Skyhawk. Since such noise levels were not available, these had to be obtained by measurements during a dedicated flight test campaign. Test procedures had to be based on those normally used for jet aircraft noise certification (ICAO Annex 16). Anotec was contracted by Top Aces to perform this study. The flight test campaign was conducted at Wittmund airbase in Northern Germany with the Anotec mobile test equipment, covering all three noise certification conditions (Approach, Fly-over and Sideline). Noise certification correction procedures were applied, and final noise levels were established with our approved CEDRA noise certification software.