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Anotec lead a Roundtable session during the ANIMA event in Gavá

During the recent dissemination event of the ANIMA Project, organised in Gavá (Spain), Anotec lead a roundtable session on airport noise monitoring Systems.


How can measurement systems be used to improve communication?


Airports have been using noise and track monitoring systems for decades. More recently generic commercially available awareness raising tools are being used to publish the data from these systems to a wider audience. Since the related investments are considerable, it is of interest to assess whether this kind of tools are effective means of communication and as such have contributed to e.g. consensus building. The objective of this roundtable is to introduce the tools and to gather the opinion of the end-users on these tools (municipalities, residents, etc) about their usefulness, to identify which functionalities are considered appropriate and what gaps exist in the information (incl. metrics) and functionalities provided. In addition, a more generic discussion on measurement versus prediction is sought so as to explore possibilities of combining both to enhance the user experience.


The attendees of this roundtable covered the whole range of relevant stakeholders (airport, municipalities, residents, consultants).

There was agreement on the usefulness of measurement systems and their web platforms to publish the data in a transparent manner. However, it was also agreed that such systems should only be considered one of the elements that contribute to a good communication between airports and their neighbors. There was also agreement that these systems should be improved to better address the needs of their end users and through this increase transparency and trust. Several suggestions were made for these improvements.

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